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 1986.08.06 宮城県生まれ。千葉育ち。

 Born in 1986.08.06 Miyagi Prefecture. Raised in Chiba.
 Spent his childhood in Germany and Belgium.
 Began classical piano lessons at age 7. Studied under Isamu Ogano. He started composing and DTM at the same time.
 He started classical composition at the age of 16. Studied composition, piano, music book and solfege under Shinichi Takada. He was influenced by the Impressionists, which is how he started playing the piano.
 He studied composition with Akinori Ohsawa and piano with Kyoko Morihara at the Musashino Music College. He graduated from the Composition Department. He composed works for solo instruments, chamber music and concertos.
 At present, he mainly composes pure music, composes music for artists, arranges music for theatrical productions, and plays the piano and support piano at concerts.